It’s Dead, I’m Over for good

I’m sick of, they turned left when they should have turned right. Now they are relegated to history, what a waste of talent.

Advertisements – implosion to obscurity

Without notice changed everything. A day later they send me an email saying that they were about to change everything. Don’t worry if my favourite features don’t work for a while, just hold on.

Well, it’s been too long already with no credible information for subscribers. The site is dead, it’s past a joke. You just can’t pull key features without a migration plan. Why not get a minimum set of replacement features ready to go before you pull the plug.

As it stands is an unusable joke. I think they have succeeded in killing off any reputation or loyalty they might have once had. Time to start over.

About Wars – A New Scam

In the last few days I’ve seen a new scam on What do these accounts all have in common apart from fake names, weird bios, stolen images and including a link to


Logan Mooney

Stolen Image: Mary Katharine Ham

Logan Mooney

Hye I am Logan Moon. My dad has a big business for moderncream chandelier. Save your money from our exclusive range of popular Chandeliers with latest designs! Find the perfect Chandeliers and purchase now for affordable prices. Mooney makes exceptional individual minutes amazingly made by method for guidelines and oversights, acknowledgment and refusal, tricking the viewer all around in circles.


Marilyn Wright

Stolen Image: Cindy Crawford

Marilyn Wright

Myself Marilyn Wright. I am a hardworking and ambitious girl. Dancing is a major part of my life so I spend most of the day Reading and searching and downloading new dancing styles. At my free time, I like to playing piano, eating Ice cream, and listening to Music. My dad has a big business. He is offering a qualitative corrugated cardboard roll that is giving moment security to thing in travel. If you want for information regarding these corrugated cardboard roll please visit my website. Just click on the given link. Wright makes work those arrangements with the documentation of occasions and the topic of how they can be exhibited.


Ceola Dubose

Stolen Image: Elizabeth Ellis

Ceola Dubose

We are leading a professional manufacturer agent. We are offering great quality brown Kraft paperin packaging wrap, tape, paper and other packaging material. if you want more information regarding any products please visit my website. Dubose makes work in which an interest with the clarity of substance and an uncompromising state of mind towards theoretical and insignificant craftsmanship can be found. The work is unapproachable and methodical and a cool and unbiased symbolism is utilized.

Leoma Linton

Stolen Image: Chelsea Clinton

Leoma Linton

Find a perfect large bubble wrap that is secure your breakable during a move or when shipping. If you can purchase theselarge bubbles wrap. You can visit my website. Just click on the given link. Linton needs to intensify the wonder of the onlooker by making syntheses or settings that produce quiet lovely pictures that leave follows and adjusts on the edge of acknowledgment and estrangement.

Sophie Kim

Stolen Image: Daria Konovalova

Sophie Kim

Hye, I am Sophie Kim and I am amused by dance so I am taking an dance class. I am also single and live with my parents. Last week my dad started a new business in which he is making a quality bubble wrap packing, mailing and other packing material. If you can buy bubble wrapfor cheap prices you just visit my website. Kim considers the firmly related subjects of file and memory..



Will the real Keren Jackson please stand up

Take a look at this profile named Keren Jackson.


Have a look at the Skype names above, pretty funny.

Now I get an email.


Take a look at the attached photos. Now check out this LinkedIn account.


The whole thing stinks of Nigerian scammers. Who ever this poor girl really is I hope she’s OK and not a prior victim.

At this point I just block and report. The pity is that this account has 500+ unsuspecting contacts, and I wonder how many people “Karen” has tried to scam.

I fear for

I recently asked for permission to use their logo in a LinkedIn group that was to be for members. They never got back to me.

I recently built an utility using AutoIT that relied on the API. The documentation doesn’t match the functionality and other behaviour of the API. I wrote to support and they said they were too busy, and the API was “as-is”.

If you notice I have used the “me” logo as the featured image for this blog.


The prerequisites to remove this use of the logo are:

  • Someone reads this blog at all
  • are not “too busy” to care

I’ve worked in many IT organisation and my support experience with leads me to the conclusion that the organisation is not coping. Which is a pity, because I like

How to get more hits on The definitive guide.

Check out the graph above of my profile stats since I opened my account last December. It took little while to get going until I revamped my bio and got featured through recommending to a few friends. I’m sure there are “hot properties” with heaps more, but this is my story … they can write their own post.


JOIN <– this is where you click to join (with my referral code) <– this is where you click to see my profile

What does it take to get hits, views or profile clicks on Here is my brief “how to guide” for’ers.

  1. Become featured. I have done this three times now. You have to intro people so that they join using your intro code (see the join link above), then you get featured as a reward. This generates about 8000 hits per week and lasts about 4 weeks.
  2. Compliment people and share it on twitter. I figure this generates about 2000 hits per week. I don’t compliment lightly either, or just for the sake of it, and it does depend on your twitter reach and its quality. I’m pretty honest and do it with some integrity. If I have complimented you in the past, then believe me its real. Why not write to me about what you think of this post or challenge me on why I complimented you. I love a robust discussion.
  3. Just be really cool (nuf sed)
  4. Use a real picture, not an infographic! and remember to smile
  5. Be honest, people can smell fakers a mile away
  6. Read my other posts about what pisses me off about bios. If it pisses me off, its likely to be pissing off others, and leading to fewer clicks and more mutes.
  7. The first sentence in you bio is the make or break. It will be truncated in the short (horizontal) list version of your bio, so it has to say something intriguing enough about you that people want to read more and so click your profile
  8. Create the definitive collections of a type of person or profession, so that people will want to be in your collections and search them
  9. is currently running a campaign trying to get people to add their link to their email signature. You can always give this a try

That’s about it, and above all BE HONEST – you should see my “mute” list. May be one day I’ll publish it. You don’t want to be on it.

Lame self descriptions

I read a lot of profiles on, I read so many that I hate to say that I skim most of them. From time to time I notice a theme in common with some profiles and it makes me think, “Is this all they have to say?” If there is one thing I shake my head at its a boiler plate bio.

Take the following examples:

  • Fellow Human
  • Visionary
  • SEO Expert
  • Passionate Brand Manager
  • Online Marketing Strategist
  • GOD/Jesus Follower

Is this really all they want to say? Lame , shame and certainly no fame. I find profiles which exhibit classical single dimensionality just plain boring. Have you ever seen a Holy Ghost follower, why always either God or Jesus, is that weird or what!

I figure the “fellow humans” are just desperate to get lost on a desert island, just have someone to talk to, even if it’s themselves.

But what creeps me out most is the Passionate SEO Brand Visionary. Get real, get a life, no one believes you. and LinkedIn

As most users of will know by now, the LinkedIn “follow” is broken and has been for a while. This lead me into the weird and mysteriously clouded world of the feature suggestion/defect reporting mechanism. I can appreciate that its a kind of voting based thing, and like school captain elections the votes mean nothing, but the first thing that strikes you about this is that its too hard to navigate. It relies on a search to find previously entered suggestions and bugs, and people are in the habit of describing the same thing in 10 different ways.

I went through the exercise of taking my actors collection and systematically inviting everyone who had a LinkedIn account to link with me and for anyone who had a twitter account I followed them. I mean … I love these guys, I feel really good about my actors collection and if anything I felt a little closer, especially to the folks who accepted the link or followed back, maybe a quarter.I have so many people for example in my writers collection that it will be a while until I try the same exercise there.

Yippee, and thanks to Michele for your comment.

My other blog

This is my other blog. It has nothing to do with or writers or anything else, its about math and cosmology, and the idea of a universe out of nothing, which is silly, more like a universe that always had to be because it is directly implied.

As an aside to my usual rantings about, which continues to hold my interest, most intently, is the flourishing of my LinkedIn account.

I found so many wonderful writers both professional and non on that I started to link to a few other writers on LinkedIn. This has turned my contact list from about 480 to 1980. Now that I look back on this incredible expansion in contacts I can really appreciate the sheer number of writers out there. The more I link to writers on either or LinkedIn the more I appreciate the identification I have with this sub-culture.

If you are one of my links, then please believe me when I say, you are appreciated.

Its getting tougher

When I first stated my journey I felt a first rush of enthusiasm. My enthusiasm has not declined, but the workload is becoming noticeable. My problem is that I care too much about people, and I’m keen to collect people I have some magic empathy with or self declare in some field I’m interested in. I’m finding that when I sort through the folks who have click on my bio, I’m becoming a little more sharp, a little less time reading each one and a little more judgmental, something I swore I would not do.

My other peeve is that the same people keep showing up. I have not added them to a collection, or complimented them, but time and again there they are. Why … when without any positive feedback people keep checking out my bio. Now I admit I’m a very attractive man … well if you believe that … I mean to say I’m not any great looker and yet I get Great Photo compliments.

Now at this point for anyone who has not seen my bio, you would have missed the fact that my hair is quite long. Does this explain my apparent popularity. Wait a minute … what is popular on anyway, and how do you tell. Well for the uninitiated there is a popular rating and your bio gets a special listing on the “popular” page, and (cringe) yes, I’ve been on that page.

Now I feel I’ve been judged, touche.