I’m still enjoying meeting new people on, but in some respects the gloss is wearing thin. My account has become popular which is a double edged sword. I get lots of new hits and many repeats, sometime up to 99+ per day. I still review them all and I’m still buoyed by finding some folks out there who are real gems. I’m starting to reorganize my collections, renaming and consolidating. I’m not up to the point where I start to cull, but If I get there I hope its a silent cull. I’ve been pretty judicious and I hope that strands the collection in good stead.

I definitely have my favourites, but then who doesn’t. I’ve met some strangely interesting people too, with very interesting ideas that needs lots of work. In general I answer all the email I get from people, except in the cases of religious nuts and people trying to sell me something. I have written to a few, but so far most don’t reply.


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