Its getting tougher

When I first stated my journey I felt a first rush of enthusiasm. My enthusiasm has not declined, but the workload is becoming noticeable. My problem is that I care too much about people, and I’m keen to collect people I have some magic empathy with or self declare in some field I’m interested in. I’m finding that when I sort through the folks who have click on my bio, I’m becoming a little more sharp, a little less time reading each one and a little more judgmental, something I swore I would not do.

My other peeve is that the same people keep showing up. I have not added them to a collection, or complimented them, but time and again there they are. Why … when without any positive feedback people keep checking out my bio. Now I admit I’m a very attractive man … well if you believe that … I mean to say I’m not any great looker and yet I get Great Photo compliments.

Now at this point for anyone who has not seen my bio, you would have missed the fact that my hair is quite long. Does this explain my apparent popularity. Wait a minute … what is popular on anyway, and how do you tell. Well for the uninitiated there is a popular rating and your bio gets a special listing on the “popular” page, and (cringe) yes, I’ve been on that page.

Now I feel I’ve been judged, touche.


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