My other blog

This is my other blog. It has nothing to do with or writers or anything else, its about math and cosmology, and the idea of a universe out of nothing, which is silly, more like a universe that always had to be because it is directly implied.

As an aside to my usual rantings about, which continues to hold my interest, most intently, is the flourishing of my LinkedIn account.

I found so many wonderful writers both professional and non on that I started to link to a few other writers on LinkedIn. This has turned my contact list from about 480 to 1980. Now that I look back on this incredible expansion in contacts I can really appreciate the sheer number of writers out there. The more I link to writers on either or LinkedIn the more I appreciate the identification I have with this sub-culture.

If you are one of my links, then please believe me when I say, you are appreciated.


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