about.me and LinkedIn

As most users of about.me will know by now, the LinkedIn “follow” is broken and has been for a while. This lead me into the weird and mysteriously clouded world of the about.me feature suggestion/defect reporting mechanism. I can appreciate that its a kind of voting based thing, and like school captain elections the votes mean nothing, but the first thing that strikes you about this is that its too hard to navigate. It relies on a search to find previously entered suggestions and bugs, and people are in the habit of describing the same thing in 10 different ways.

I went through the exercise of taking my actors collection and systematically inviting everyone who had a LinkedIn account to link with me and for anyone who had a twitter account I followed them. I mean … I love these guys, I feel really good about my actors collection and if anything I felt a little closer, especially to the folks who accepted the link or followed back, maybe a quarter.I have so many people for example in my writers collection that it will be a while until I try the same exercise there.

Yippee, and thanks to Michele for your comment.