How to get more hits on The definitive guide.

Check out the graph above of my profile stats since I opened my account last December. It took little while to get going until I revamped my bio and got featured through recommending to a few friends. I’m sure there are “hot properties” with heaps more, but this is my story … they can write their own post.


JOIN <– this is where you click to join (with my referral code) <– this is where you click to see my profile

What does it take to get hits, views or profile clicks on Here is my brief “how to guide” for’ers.

  1. Become featured. I have done this three times now. You have to intro people so that they join using your intro code (see the join link above), then you get featured as a reward. This generates about 8000 hits per week and lasts about 4 weeks.
  2. Compliment people and share it on twitter. I figure this generates about 2000 hits per week. I don’t compliment lightly either, or just for the sake of it, and it does depend on your twitter reach and its quality. I’m pretty honest and do it with some integrity. If I have complimented you in the past, then believe me its real. Why not write to me about what you think of this post or challenge me on why I complimented you. I love a robust discussion.
  3. Just be really cool (nuf sed)
  4. Use a real picture, not an infographic! and remember to smile
  5. Be honest, people can smell fakers a mile away
  6. Read my other posts about what pisses me off about bios. If it pisses me off, its likely to be pissing off others, and leading to fewer clicks and more mutes.
  7. The first sentence in you bio is the make or break. It will be truncated in the short (horizontal) list version of your bio, so it has to say something intriguing enough about you that people want to read more and so click your profile
  8. Create the definitive collections of a type of person or profession, so that people will want to be in your collections and search them
  9. is currently running a campaign trying to get people to add their link to their email signature. You can always give this a try

That’s about it, and above all BE HONEST – you should see my “mute” list. May be one day I’ll publish it. You don’t want to be on it.


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