Will the real Keren Jackson please stand up

Take a look at this profile named Keren Jackson.


Have a look at the Skype names above, pretty funny.

Now I get an email.


Take a look at the attached photos. Now check out this LinkedIn account.


The whole thing stinks of Nigerian scammers. Who ever this poor girl really is I hope she’s OK and not a prior victim.

At this point I just block and report. The pity is that this account has 500+ unsuspecting contacts, and I wonder how many about.me people “Karen” has tried to scam.


7 thoughts on “Will the real Keren Jackson please stand up

  1. This “person” befriended me on Facebook two days ago. Red flags went up immediately and I did some digging. Checked PeopeFinders and Intellius and no such person exists. This post confirmed my suspicions.

  2. Hey guys. I would like to play a little devil’s advocate here.

    I have lived in and interacted with many other cultures. She to me, sounds like many of the typical girls trying to meet men on occasion. A lot of foreign women are attracted to American men. Between college English, American T.V., and google translate, they don’t always get it right, and could come across suspiciously to someone that isn’t used to it.

    My opinion, she sounded pretty legit.

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