About Wars – A New Scam

In the last few days I’ve seen a new scam on about.me. What do these accounts all have in common apart from fake names, weird bios, stolen images and including a link to http://www.j4packaging.co.uk


Logan Mooney


Stolen Image: Mary Katharine Ham

Logan Mooney

Hye I am Logan Moon. My dad has a big business for moderncream chandelier. Save your money from our exclusive range of popular Chandeliers with latest designs! Find the perfect Chandeliers and purchase now for affordable prices. Mooney makes exceptional individual minutes amazingly made by method for guidelines and oversights, acknowledgment and refusal, tricking the viewer all around in circles.


Marilyn Wright


Stolen Image: Cindy Crawford

Marilyn Wright

Myself Marilyn Wright. I am a hardworking and ambitious girl. Dancing is a major part of my life so I spend most of the day Reading and searching and downloading new dancing styles. At my free time, I like to playing piano, eating Ice cream, and listening to Music. My dad has a big business. He is offering a qualitative corrugated cardboard roll that is giving moment security to thing in travel. If you want for information regarding these corrugated cardboard roll please visit my website. Just click on the given link. Wright makes work those arrangements with the documentation of occasions and the topic of how they can be exhibited.


Ceola Dubose


Stolen Image: Elizabeth Ellis

Ceola Dubose

We are leading a professional manufacturer agent. We are offering great quality brown Kraft paperin packaging wrap, tape, paper and other packaging material. if you want more information regarding any products please visit my website. Dubose makes work in which an interest with the clarity of substance and an uncompromising state of mind towards theoretical and insignificant craftsmanship can be found. The work is unapproachable and methodical and a cool and unbiased symbolism is utilized.

Leoma Linton


Stolen Image: Chelsea Clinton

Leoma Linton

Find a perfect large bubble wrap that is secure your breakable during a move or when shipping. If you can purchase theselarge bubbles wrap. You can visit my website. Just click on the given link. Linton needs to intensify the wonder of the onlooker by making syntheses or settings that produce quiet lovely pictures that leave follows and adjusts on the edge of acknowledgment and estrangement.

Sophie Kim


Stolen Image: Daria Konovalova

Sophie Kim

Hye, I am Sophie Kim and I am amused by dance so I am taking an dance class. I am also single and live with my parents. Last week my dad started a new business in which he is making a quality bubble wrap packing, mailing and other packing material. If you can buy bubble wrapfor cheap prices you just visit my website. Kim considers the firmly related subjects of file and memory..




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